Your Vision Matters Vision Board workshop

Why choose this Playful 2 – 3 hr workshop?

You will Learn:

  • How to use your vision board as a blue print to build the life you want
  • How to apply basic principles for results
  • Practical Steps to create a powerful Vision Board
  • Learn the practical process of mapping out a plan for your life

Who should Sign up?

  • Vision Board beginners
  • Groups who want to learn and have fun together (ie. team building, wedding shower, book clubs, girl’s night out)
  • Those seeking to live their best life and have GOOD SUCCESS

What you will Receive:

  • Complete with all Vision Board supplies
  • Work sheet pages and 1st level Word Sheets
  • Board with Exclusive Accent Label
  • Your own personally-completed Vision board, which can be displayed as a visual for success.
  • Ongoing encouragement to believe in your vision & keep you in a state of gratitude