(9 Life Areas Of A Well Rounded Life) Vision Board Workshop/Conference 2 ½- 3 ½ hour workshop?

You will Learn:

  • What many celebrities (Oprah, Katie Perry, Steve Harvey) already know about the power of Vision Boards
  • What’s really behind the success of vision boards
  • Why I don’t use the Law of Attraction to get results
  • How to set goals in areas of your life you want to focus on
  • To use your Vision Board to its fullest potential to uncover your best life
  • How to live a life that you really enjoy
  • Find out your stress points and how to resolve them
  • How to have a fulfilled life living in your purpose
  • How to strategically plan using your vision board as a tool
  • How to speak positive over every situation
  • Uncover the REAL you

Who should Sign up?

  • Those who wish go to the next level to meet & mingle with like-minded individuals…Great for networking!
  • Those who are stuck trying to figure out the next move to make in life
  • Groups of friends wanting who want to master mind
  • Those who are curious to explore the power the real power behind Vision Boarding
  • Visual learners

What you will Receive:

  • Complete with all Vision Board supplies
  • Work sheet pages and 1st & 2nd level Word Sheets
  • Board with Exclusive Accent Label
  • Your own personally-completed Vision board, which can be displayed as a visual for success.
  • Ongoing encouragement to believe in your vision & keep you in a state of gratitude and more