(Big Dreams Big Vision) Vision Board Master Classes

Why invest in these inspiring three 2 ½ – 3hr self-discovery classes?

You will Learn:

  1. Dreaming session – Goal setting – to set clear and concise goals, create a clear vision
  2. If you want to dig deep then this is the discovery session for you. During this session you will create a vision board where you will create a purposeful and intentional vision statement. You will then align your goals to your mission. This is where your dream takes flight and you take action.
  3. Declare & Affirm session – Manifesting – where you will talk about your vision and plan with others to align your mindset with your goals. You will mastermind with other like-minded go getters in the room.
    You will learn to:
  • Think more deeply
  • Dig into your vision and plan out the process
  • Enjoy facilitated discussions with other participants in your class
  • Choose a power word
  • Discover what is important
  • Identify what sabotages your manifestation
  • Create a strategic Vision Board, using simple steps like adding scriptures, and affirmations to your board  plus doing a self- reflection for manifesting your vision.

Who should Sign up?

  • Those seeking to uncover themselves & discover their purpose and destiny
  • Large or Small Groups or individuals wishing to connect with purpose and motivation
  • Individuals seeking Relaxation and Stress management
  • Teams or individuals that are seeking to define goals & ambitions

What you will Receive:

  • Luxury VIP Vision Board Folder Package
  • Luxury Vision Board Words
  • Quote sheets
  • Affirmations Sheets
  • Scripture Sheets & more
  • Complete Vision Board supplies
  • Exclusive Board
  • Access to the Face Book Group where I will answer questions and you can share your wins with like- minded individuals that celebrate you.
  • Bring a favorite photo of you when you were in a happy place to add to your board.

3 to 5 hour workshop?

What you will Learn:

  • What many celebrities (Oprah, Katie Perry, Steve Harvey) already know about the power of Vision Boards
  • What’s really behind the success of vision boards
  • Why I don’t use the Law of Attraction to get results
  • How to live a life that you really enjoy
  • Find out your stress points and how to resolve them
  • How to have a fulfilled life living in your purpose
  • How to strategically plan using your vision board as a tool
  • How to speak positive over every situation
  • Uncover the REAL you
  • How to set goals in areas of your life you want to focus on
  • To use your Vision Board to its fullest potential to uncover your best life

CALL or E-MAIL info@allaboutglam.org for Pricing Packages. (We can meet all sizes and most budgets)